Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This months' found treasures.

Auction Day!
Actually I've been working this month in more than one auction. The House had it's Gallery Sale on Sunday, an Ethno-type auction with many pieces of African, New Guniea,Alaskan and Native American art on Monday and the Annex auction yesterday. I was pretty busy but I managed to get a few pictures of todays( Wednesday) auction items.

Isn't this guy cute! He's made of metal and mounted on a piece of Onyx stone.

This single bed is made of pine and looks like it was made around the turn of the last century for a child. It is clear unpainted wood, with ball feet. Add slats and a mattress and wouldnt it be cute in a kid or a guest room? ( ignore the tables in the middle of it- room is at a premium around here!)

Yep, you are seeing this right! A Craps Table! If I could buy this and put it in my living room, I'd be the biggest 'hit' of the neighborhood! How funny would that be? That is a mink coat lying across the side of it, but it didn't fit me- too small!

I really like this closed book case. It is early 1900's Walnut and has inset burl pieces in the decoration. The glass is original and it has one drawer at the bottom. It's in great shape! I could really use this in my house but it is such a nice piece it will probably go for a lot of money!

This piece isn't very old, and some of it is veneered, but it is solid and useful. A Great table for a flat screen or for behind a couch. It will probably go for about $50.
There are some nice waterford glasses going up today, but I wasn't able to get photos of those.
So I'm off to my last day of work.
 Which one of these did you like best?


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh well, of course the horse statue is cute. I'd buy it.

But like you, I really like the bookcase.

Maia said...

I'd buy the horse statue, how can you resist it? More will power than I have.

gtyyup said...

Such cool stuff...good think I'm not there!!