Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rain Rain Go away!

The last few days it has been pouring rain.

My garden is now submerged. 

My retaining wall has reached maximum 'cap-a city' and is no longer retaining anything.


Mud abounds.

I'm inside with a hot toddy and a good book.

Well, at least inside I'll be happy and dry.


Rising Rainbow said...

It's currently not raining here for a change but we've had so much water over the last weeks, the ground is still swimming. I could use a little hot something myself about now since riding isn't in the cards. Oh what I would do for an arena to ride in.........well other than sell my soul that is. LOL

Lil Mama said...

Did you lose a tree too? Yikes.

P.S. you also forgot. Bob pulled a shoe and we can't ride and we are supposed to be going to a show in a month.

Maia said...

Be glad it's not snow. We've had so much, that now that it's melted the mud is as slick as ice. Hopefully this will end soon for all of us.

Breathe said...

That's some slippery stuff out there. Hope it's a nice long book!