Monday, November 8, 2010

Turkey Time...Already!~

I went to the supermarket yesterday and I was actually surprised to see heaps of turkeys in the meat dept. I had forgotten that it is only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving!


Luckily I will only have Mimi and Daddy Jesus for dinner. Lil Mama and The Hunter and TLC usually go to his mama's house. So I only need a medium sized turkey this year- we will have to have some leftovers after all.
I usually serve Turkey and gravy and green beans with bacon, yams and marshmallows and ice tea and wine.  And of course punkin' pie- my favorite!

What fun or funky dishes do you like to serve?

AND just for fun I am going to post daily something to be Thankful for.

                                                              Starting today. Feel free to join me!

I am thankful for my two healthy children. They have been more than a blessing in my life, if that is possible. They continue to teach me new things every day.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Amen on being thankful for your terrific kids :)

I know...hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon on us. Our weather has been oddly warm and mild with no snow or hard frosts, like we usually have by now. It just doesn't feel like Fall yet. But I hope it's a sign of a mild winter.

Crazy Turkey Day recipes.....well I must always add pineapple and brown sugar to my sweet potatoes. And the stuffing always has pecans, or it just doesn't seem right. :)
Probably not to weird, but it's the way we roll. lol!

(Speaking of rolls...mmmmm!)


word verif: nizes

Homemade rolls are nizes!

Maia said...

Well, I don't do Thanksgiving. I do Christmas. I am thankful for my family, and by that I mean, my hubby, my cats, my little weensie bot, my horse, her baby, my wonderful friends, who are like my sisters, and oh yes, all of the whack jobs who constantly amuse me on Howard Street.

We're going organic this Christmas, and the deer come when I call them. So I forsee many posts coming in the future. I am greatful and thankful for so much, I don't know where to star.