Friday, September 24, 2010

ALL right already! I'm a doing it!

Haven't posted for a few days 'cuz I've been very busy being... ( don't faint)... a writer!


Yeah, I haven't found a job after looking every day- and some kind soul on this very post reminded me that I am a writer- why don't I sell somethng, or try to.

And I thought, "Ya know,she's right! I AM a writer.I HAVE made money at this before!" So I started a notebook of ideas for magazine articles, ('cuz that is what you can usually sell the fastest and that gets the money in the bank.)
I pulled out my best book on Article writing, and in the last week I have written three new articles and queried two of them to a few magazines. Today I will query a few more.
And even though my poor ol eyes are tired from staring at a computer screen, I feel pretty good about it!
So now I am asking you all- what kind of articles interest you the most? What kind of article would you want to see from dear old Vaquerogirl?


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Wow! You not only can write, but you've got the self-discipline to stay busy working on it. I've stopped reading magazines, because after a while all the articles start sounding the same. I know the editors look for a specific format and subject matter that sells their magazines, but honestly, if someone pays for a year's subscription they don't want to hear about the same old subject in every issue. I especially dislike being spoken to in an article as if I'm an uneducated idiot. What? I'm supposed to be eating healthy and exercising? That's news to me.

I'd like to see something original, but unfortunately that doesn't mean the editors want to see it. Who am I? Just the reader. I started reading Vanity Fair years ago after being awed by an article about the upcoming book "A Beautiful Mind". I also loved an article about the Olympic Park Bomber suspect. Then V.F. started concentrating on rappers, and every freakin' issue was about a culture I had no interest in, so I canceled my subscription. I wish more magazines would keep it fresh instead of relying on what sold last month's issue.

Carolyn said...

You are a funny person and I love reading funny stuff---not sure if or where there's a market for that. Your practical stuff about horse maintenance is good too. Plus I like your fiction....:-)

Lil Mama said...

Yeah Mommy!

Building Life in AK said...

Very exciting and I am ready to read anything you write!

Maia said...

You go girl. Yeah you. Look why don't you write about all of the funny stuff and the not so funny stuff you've been treating your loyal followers to. You have real talent and I can hardly wait to read what you publish.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well you go girlfriend! So proud of you!

I don't know what kind of mags you're sending in your articles, but I love to read personal experiences...both good and bad. I learn so much that way. I also love a little humor scattered in there, too.

And it's always interesting to read about other folks' way of life, especially if it's way different than my own.

Best wishes and good luck on your journey of being a professional writer!


Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

Hey Vacquero Girl - I'd like an article on therapy riding and volunteering. I know you have contacts. Or how about one on keeping horses in what used to be the country and is now almost the city?? Let us know what gets published.

Stephanie said...

I know this isn't exactly what you asked - but have you ever queried a magazine, heard nothing, then 5-6 months later seen an article almost exactly like the one you queried done by a staff writer appear in that same magazine??

That's happened to me 3 times. So I stopped. What can you do to prevent that?