Friday, November 12, 2010

I am Thankful for all of my wonderful, generous and fantastic women friends.

I am Thankful for all the wonderful and diverse women in my life. Some I have pictures of, which I cherish. But a few are camera shy and I have no pictures, only the memories in my minds eye and in the deepest recesses of my heart.

Here are just a few, but if you are reading this blog and have connected to me in any way- I want you to know that I am thankful and grateful for your friendships as well.

This is Janet R. She and I have been friends since Junior High. We were best friends through high school too, but she soon joined the service, was married and we lost touch somewhat. Luckily we were able to reconnect and we see each other a few times a month to catch up on kids and grand kids. She keeps me firmly rooted in my past.

I caught up with Laurie( in green) at my last Class reunion. Though our correspondences are brief, I think she is such a wonderful woman. She brings grace to everything she does.
Patti and Jr.
Patti-my BFF from age 5. Not only does she know where the bodies are buried, she helped me get most of them there! A more honest, brilliant and fun person you will hardly find anywhere. She is one of my non riding friends, as is Janet and Laurie. Our conversations return to old times, old friends, new politics ( sometimes) and shared interests. She makes me want to be a better person.

These two fireballs keep me on my feet and in high gear. As a matter of fact I think their middle names are' FUN' and 'ADVENTURE'. Are you up for a bike ride, a horse back camping trip, a clinic in the middle of December, a horse show where we've never been? A new make-up scheme, a new furniture layout? Cattle roundup? Taking a lesson from someone you don't know on three different green broke horses, a midnight drive to Reno and back? These two gals will go anywhere and try just about anything. I have only to think of either of them and just smile!
KBG and Deniserita

 Miss Linda is the 'solid' one but don't ask the Stud Stud about that. Get Linda wound up and she won't come down for days. She is absolutely the very best horse mommy. Desi and Bar-Hoppin Bob live at her place and they have never been fatter or happier. I would do anything for this friend, but she never asks. Cool, calm and collected, she gives a dose of class to the rest of us! 
Teri on Sparky
I met Teri about 15 years ago when my girls were small. She and her partner took to the girls like a duck takes to water. The girls felt the same way and now Terri is a part of my extended family. She is the bravest women in the bunch,as a cop she has to be, but she is also the one that holds her heart on her sleeve. She is the one I call when I'm about to jump off the Carquinez bridge, or if I had to head into a fight. Undoubtedly one of the funniest women on the planet- our favorite thing to do- watch Kathy Griffin DVDs drink Tea and laugh our heads off!
World famous authoress' Ellen Hopkins and Susan Hart Lindquist
These last two and defiantly not the least two. Ellen is my mentor. She is a tough cookie when it comes to writing and has wild fantastic ideas that she makes you believe. She can be critical in a good way, and pretty soon you just have to catch her enthusiasm too.  That all these wonderful things could happen to you as they happened to her. She is the hardest working women of my friends. She writes constantly and her books have reached global markets. Though I have know her the lest time, she takes the time to make me feel like I am a part of her family, a part of the writing community and most importantly, her friend..
Next to her is my BFF Susan. We've known each other over Twenty years, through children bad patches of marriages, sickness and fantasies, obsessions and wars. She know ALL of my secrets and would never share with any one else. She is the one person that I have no problem climbing into a car with and I don't care how long we are gone, when we will get there or what we will do when we arrive. We have travelled together frequently and we NEVER have any trouble thinking up new topics or games to play. She is smarter than the average bear, but she doesn't want to believe that. I cherish her friendship for so many reasons. She is the one person that can cross between all the worlds of my life and understand how I feel about them all.

As for the rest of you, Devon,Jane, Lorene,Rusty, Jacqe,Vicki- you know I have  a soft spot in my heart for you as well.


Denisarita said...

You make me all teary eyed! You are the only other person crazy enough to go with me and do the stuff I wanna do! Speaking of which, Spud Stud & I are going to Placerville tomorrow to check out their show series with the Ranch classes. I'll let you know how it went.

Maia said...

Aren't freinds the best. You are fortunate to have such great ones.

Carolyn said...

Nicely done, you ole softy!