Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shopping in the rain

Yesterday the skies opened up and it was a downpour here in North Central California. I mean it was a frog drowner! BUT- KBG and I were not to be deterred and off we went through it to ride a few horses. You see KBG is 'in the market'.
We went to Superior Quarter Horses and there were several prospects lined up on the rails, nice and dry.
We saddled up three and KBG climbed on board. Now I gotta tell ya, this takes a lot of guts.
Just jumping up on a new horse can sometimes be a scary experience, but riding unfamiliar horses, with an unfamiliar trainer telling you what to do, and having a howling rain storm going on just outside the eves- well - it was Homeric!
But true to form- KGB smiled that pretty smile, and did her best. AND she did an amazing job. I have video, but she took it home with her to look at, so I can't post it here yet!
The three mares were all really different.
There was a 7 year old sorrel mare- nice and broke. Calm and cool, a cute loper and a pretty jogger- she is actually like a red Shirley- with none of the age issues or mare issues. Solid. Liked her a lot. Priced to sell and clean legged.
Also a red roan mare, 4 years old. Super cute head, and a cute loper, very sensitive and I think Karen would have to really work hard to keep her from taking advantage. Smart and quiet, she would be a great rail horse, and has already won some local shows. Priced right too.
Last but not least KBG rode a BIG frosty roan mare- aged three. She was young, but her mind was solid and she was quiet. AND she was an elegant mover, beautiful jog and her lope was getting there, but since she is still growing, she was a little awkward for awhile, still working on that head, but with time it will be there. Would be awesome in the pen- but she's a little expensive and maybe a little young for KBG.
We are defiantly going to go back and see them one more time.
The trainer there was sweet as can be, spent all day with us, laughed and joked and gave KBG lessons on all three horses- invaluable. I tell ya, this is the way to sell a customer... yep I said it. Sell a customer. She knows that even if none of those horses suite KBG we won't forget her, will go back to her for lessons or training or maybe another horse when ready to buy or sell. Customer service is what it is all bout now and she knows it.

She also had a big rangy all around filly to sell- 2 years old, and had everything ready to go, she's been saddled, bridled, driven ( a big plus in my book) just waiting for her first rides- all for about $2000. It is a good thing I don't have a job, or that one would have come home with me for Lil Mama to ride... sorry baby.

So when I get the video back, I'll try to post a few bits of it here for you all to see.


Breathe said...

Pretty exciting! Can't wait to see the video!

Maia said...

moi ici,ie: me too. You guys are tremendous.

Stephanie said...

How exciting I LOVE horse shopping and haven't done it in quite some time. I think 10 years ago I would've picked up the younger one, now today I would probably go right for horse number 2.