Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nother one video

Here is the big bay mare that is so cute, even though this is really a terrible picture. She was just in from the pasture and starting to dry out. I'd give $2000 for her wouldn't you?

Here is the big frosty roan mare. Jaque calls her 'Nother one- cuz theres one and theres one and there is 'nother one....

I really like this big ol mare, though she is young and I do worry about young horses and novice riders.I'd like her neck to be a little bit longer, but whacha gonna do..

Once again, please do ignore my voice overs. Someday I'll have to learn how to turn off the sound.( Or just shut the heck up!) But considering I just learned I could use the camera as a video, I'm doing ok...
Jaque gave KBG three different lessons on three different horses that day.

Thoughts ? Opinions? I know ya got 'em.

We're going next week to look at another one- lets hope it's not raining!


Maia said...

The horse is a pretty mover, but I think your friend needs an older horse with experience. A horse that can train her as she learns. She needs to have more control with her hands and her legs. That being said, these were not ideal conditions and I have no clue how experienced your friend is. This horse seems to me to have issues at the lope. Can your friend deal with them and control her. If so, she's a winner. If not, look further.

Maia said...

Here's my airy fairy PS. Tell your friend from me that the smart thinking is that she gets an older horse who can help her, dead calm no issues. Here's what I've done and I've never been sorry. I've bought the horse who loved me from jump street. It's kind of like getting an animal from the pound. One horse will let her know, that he/she will love her. And if she's open to that sort of thing, that's the horse she should buy. Just my opinion. I know it's new agey, but I've been fortunate enough to have amazing relationships with horses.

Robynn's Ravings said...

What I know about horses you could write a very short book about:

Four legs
Big eyes
Soft nose
Eat a lot
Poop a lot
Love a lot

The End

So they look real good to me. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm missing part of the details here but I get the friend is not all that experienced nor is the horse. What I noticed about the horse that bothered me was the head raising at times when it's cued. For an experienced rider, I see no problem with that but with an less experienced one I think it could grow into something ugly. That wouldn't be good.

Nice mover though.