Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Babies!

As you might know, I have had Great Danes in my life for years and years. I just love the breed. My last sweet boy passed away in August of last year and I miss him every day.
Mimi has a puppy- Lola- that is as sweet and funny as she can possibly be, but she isn't mine- and she isn't a dane.

The breeder that I chose many months ago just had a litter of puppies last night- there are two males and six females. I get one of the males!!

They are fawn colored, tan with black masks, and should grow to be about 34-36 inches at the shoulder. That is a lot bigger than Mac, he was a 'small' dane at 32 inches.

We won't be able to bring him home for at least 8 weeks, but the breeder will keep sending me pictures as he grows. As soon as I get a good one, I'll post it here!


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Maia said...

Ah, don't you love the babies. I'll be waiting to see him. Baby doggies are just the best. That is of course next to baby horsies and baby kitties, and baby babies.