Thursday, March 4, 2010

When it rains it just downright pours!

Can't tell you all of what is happening quite yet-but I am a wreck over the whole mess!

Drinking seems like a great thing to do, but I know that it won't really help, so I am refraining- at least for now.

The Partners have decided to shut down the boarding operation. I had to send letters out to 50 owners - they have to move 68 horses in thirty days.
ANd I am hoping that those disgruntled owners won't want to kill the messenger- cause there may not be much left after the day I had today. That Lawyer Shootin' Posse is sounding better and better...

On top of which the rain is never gonna friggin stop comin down- I'm pretty sure about that.

And I have a big horse show in about 20 days. And no covered arena to practice in.

But on a brighter note ( I do try to always end on a bright note even though I sound pretty winey!)- I took my custom made chaps in to the alteration shop yesterday and they are going to take them IN about two inches in the thigh! So at least if my horse crashes through every obstacle I will look FANTASTIC doing it!

Don't mind me- I'll feel better tomorrow and will fill you all in on my-no-good-very-bad day.


Maia said...

Don't it just. When it gets like this, the only thing you can do is keep repeating,"and this too shall pass." And then round up your posse and annihilate those miserable lawyers.

Maia: Drowning in mud and snow

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Man, sounds like a PITA!!

Hopefully the boarders will try to understand that you have done everything you can to keep the place open, but the decision was out of your hands.:(

Stephanie said...

Well that sucks! Stuff like that only happens when you have a big show coming up - Murphy's Law.

GunDiva said...

That really sucks, I'm sorry you have to be the one to do the dirty work.