Saturday, February 6, 2010

You ain't gonna believe this- but then...maybe you might!

So because my girlfriend is shopping for a show horse, I gave myself permission to look on you know- just to help a sista' out.
And I'm perusing the SEARCH page, you know, the window where you pick what kind of a horse or pony you are looking for.
Then up pops RIDING STEER.


Not really!


And you know there must be more than one- because it is in the drop down window!

Just like there is a LAW on the BOOKS in some backward state on the EAST coast-(prolly Maryland or Virginia) that states- and I do NOT quote- that you must NOT Paint over any dead animals on the side of the road. Which leads you to think that there is someone or something out there painting over the dead animals! Visions of possum and skunk and deer, lying dead across the shoulders with white or yellow paint running across matted fur! UGH!
And you KNOW it is happening a lot because there is a friggin' LAW on the books that says you shan't do it anymore!
But I digress...

So I have to see what a riding steer looks like- although Lil Mama and I did see one in downtown Oakdale one morning as we sat having breakfast waiting for a sheep auction, but that is another story entirely.

And here he is~

Meet Clyde!

He is a Riding Steer, residing in North Carolina. ( Do I have to refer to the above paragraph?)
He has a temperament of 2 on the scale which is CALM. Well, he better be with that pair of horns. If he got pissed off he could just pluck you right off his back, fling you into the middle of next week and never break stride!
They have been saddle breaking Clyde for two years and claim he is good for parties and parades.
Who am I to argue!

But I'm guessing that if they can't find a new home that wants to ride Clyde they could have other ways of cashing in on his uniqueness~


Breathe said...

Woo hoo! Carson over at 7MSN has some pictures of folks riding steers in a NM parade.

Personally I have enough issues riding the animal we're supposed to be riding.

Mikey said...

Lol, that's what I need!!
BTW, how much do riding steers go for these days? Just in case... you know, I might need to try a different market for my steer, lmao

Maia said...

Tsk,tsk,Maryland is not a backward state,well maybe just a little :) The most outrageous law I ever heard of was from Massachusetts. Believe it or not,it is illegal in the state of Massachusetts for a woman, now how shall I put this in a G rated sort of way, to get too friendly with a snake. No joke.

Anyway, I love my feed store,the Mill. Nobody understands it, but it's just my favorite place on the planet. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Maia, digging out.

Denisarita said...

Sign me up!! That's the only thing that WON'T make my butt look big. How many colors are available, I won't several.