Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its not just me! Thank God!

After going through my regularly scheduled Reading of the Blogs- I have come to see that it is not just ME with the lackadaisical attitude and no energy and just a general malaise about life! Its everyone else too!
Can it be that there is something in our atmosphere- a giant cosmic strata of 'do nothing juice'?
Or is it in our water?
Whatever it is- I can do without it thank you very much!
I guess we all need to go out and find things to get us out of our miserable selves- kinda like Mikey over at the Horse shoeing Housewife blog. It seems like she has an adventure everyday.
Does she 'have' them- meaning that they are random happenings? Or does she look for them? ( I know you don't actually look Mikey). What I mean is that you guys embrace your lives, you stop for overturned cars, lost horses, wild dogs (really!)You see the possibilities ( good and bad) in all situations and you ACT on them! Good for you. We should all do that!
So my challenge for all of you bloggers that are stuck in ruts up to your finely plucked brows- go out today or even this week- and find something different to get involved in.
Make something happen!
Don't go rob a bank or anything- but DO something different!
Hike on your mountain.
Feed a homeless guy at McDonalds.
Stand on a street corner with a sign that says something like- I believe.
Let's get out of our ruts and blog about it!




Stephanie said...

I went through something similar last summer - and while this last part of winter has been a tad boring for me, life in general has only got more interesting since I can't afford to show.

I go hiking, I am visiting places I have always wanted to see. I am loving my dog and my friends - and I try not to waste a day. Even if I am stuck at home I try to do something that I have never had time to do before. Once you commit to stretching yourself a little bit it only takes a short time before it becomes habit.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a terrific idea!!!

It's supposed to snow here all weekend. And all I really feel like doing is cocooning in the bed, drinking margaritas, easting chocolate and watching movies....but maybe I'll get our try something new and different...just to get out of this boring winter rug.



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Kind the way I feel, I think. lol!

GunDiva said...

I took a break from work and wandered over here to your site. Thanks for looking me up; I'm always excited to meet a fellow Gun Diva (or Goddess as you referred to yourself) and horse lover.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I hear ya...This winter seems to have just drug on and on and it has been very tiring.

It's not like there aren't a thousand things to do around this area...

Hmmm...Will have to see if the kiddo wants to do something together this weekend.

Good Idea!

Mikey said...

To be real honest, a lot of times I look for trouble. Not trouble, per se, but adventure. If one doesn't come knocking on my door, I go looking till I find SOMETHING. Doesn't always have to be an adventure, just something interesting. Road trips are good for such. Get out, talk to people, take pictures doing strange things in strange places, lol. Life's an adventure! You only get this one go around, one day like today.
Only one caution. It's exhausting :)

Vaquerogirl said...

Aha! Mikey I just knew it!