Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Sometimes when you have a bad day, and you just want to sit down and pout, it's good to have a friend you can call up and say " Open up that bottle of red."
I have several such friends, and I love them all.
I have one friend that will talk about the way of the world, the state of our marriages, the turn of a phrase and so much more. We never run out of things to say to one another. Mostly because her active little mind comes up with all kinds of questions and nuances. All I have to do is agree or disagree.
You are probably saying " Well if you spent more than a few hours together you'd probably be sick of her."
We've spend Days and Days together- we've travelled together, we've been alone in cars together! We still always have something to talk about. Thats why one reason why I love her.

I have a friend that is a 'muse'. He brings up all kinds of esoteric conversation topics, he regularly blows my mind with his insight. He was missing for awhile, but he turned back up the other day, reminding me of how much I like his company.

I have friends that I can sit across a table from and talk ' horse'. Really talk horse- leads and vets and bloodlines and method and vaquero training and what if's and what coulda' beens. I can spend hours doing that.

And one friend that gleans knowledge like an African in a diamond mine. No matter the subject, she wants to know it all, every thing, each nuance and answer is absorbed and digested and then - lo and behold- a rarity- used!

And a friend that not only knows where the bodies are buried, she knows how they got there!

And of course, I have all of you!

" Open up that bottle of RED!"


Stephanie said...

I think its interesting how everyone interacts with their friends. I tend to not have many real close freinds, treasuring my time to myself. And I keep my casual friend kinda distant. I have always been like that, and don't feel that I am missing out on too much if I need to "open that bottle of Red" it's usually at a horse show in the company of my "horsey freinds."

Other than that I am perfectly happy with "Opening that bottle of Red" and enjoying with by myself - maybe while blogging! :)

Lil Mama said...

Ahh thats such a nice blog.