Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet the pig

This is Charlotte the Pig
She lives on the ranch were I work.
Who knew such a face would launch ships? What I mean is that the boarders are up in arms about having to find her a new home.
Charlotte lives with Milo, who was too shy to be photographed, in the boarding stable. They were left here by previous tenant, and the owners say they must find a new home- soon.
After three weeks of searching and e-mailing 4-H contacts someone finally agreed to give them a non-sausage making home. And when one particular boarder found out, she had a mini meltdown.
I've tried explaining that the owners of the property want her off- that she is a liability in their eyes- that Charlotte needs better living conditions than she's getting- plus the fact that no one is paying for her to be there-except I am paying for her hay- but the boarder was unreasonable. She even tried the old bait and switch tactic of - no one was taking care of her horse! Ridiculous. I got her back on track and agreed to wait a week for HER to come up with a home of her own- then Charlotte must go.

Duck Duck can stay for awhile though. She at least is eating her weight in bugs and slugs during this rainy weather. I know of a certain someone in upper central California whose mother has ducks and who may (if I begged) agree to place her with her own little flock. Duck Duck knows a trick or two- that may even help.:)
In the meantime, my hay came in before the rain, the gutters are clear and everyone else is happy- at least they were yesterday.


Denisarita said...

Talked to mom and she says she will take the duck. What the heck, she only has around 30, but not one white!

Breathe said...

Incredible. I bet that boarder had bacon for breakfast too.

People are fast to complain and slow to actually do anything about problems.

Lil Mama said...

Tell that border to bugger off. Start tacking the price of charlotte on to her board and see what she says.

Oh that's not christian.

Vaquerogirl said...

Today my stable helper was cleaning the pig pen( which I am paying for) and I told her to call that boarder and ask her to come help! So she did call- and the boarder never showed up! Hmmm...

Jim Fisher said...

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