Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anyone have a pencil?...Anyone....a pen perhaps?

"Oh just bring that baby over here," I said to my daughter. " I don't care if he has a little cold."
Famous last words to be sure.
Now I have had a killer cold for the last four days- AND I have totally lost my voice.
LOST it...
Gone.. whoo hoo... bye bye.
Hardly can even squeek...
Hubby loves it....
Me...not so much!
Of course I got the phone call I have been waiting for on the first day... you know the PHONE call from a woman that might want me to manage her boarding stable...that phone call.
I tried making my voice deep...still no voice... I tried whispering loudly...nope- didn't work either.
She was very sweet- gave me her e-mail address so I could write to her and send my resume.
GREAT! This will work!
I log on...

........and nothing.
The cable company has gone all digital or some suchathing and in the process my modem has lost it's signal.

I try to re-boot. Everything goes on and off a bunch of times, to no avail.
No problem, I think, I'll just call the cable company and they can resend the signal and all will be well- I'll be able to write the nice lady a letter and send my resume.


I have NO VOICE! Can't talk to cable guys... or can I?

Not to be deterred, I dial up the 800 number, get the push button stuff that i usually hate, and beep boop beep- the modem flashes and all seems well.

Everyone with a working modem take two steps forword...Hey wait a minute- Not so fast Vaquerogirl!

Still no Internet- SHOOT!

It must be the wireless modem- oh no! Those people are a nightmare to work with.

Stew stew stew-light bulb goes on.
(Remember this is all with a wicked cold, no voice, a mild fever and on massive doses of cold medicine).

I unplug everything. And wait. Then replug everything. And wait.
Turn on the program- click click click!
Finally back on line!

Hurrah- I need a nap!

Sent the resume. Still waiting on word, but I expect a call on Monday, perhaps an interview on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I just hope my voice will have returned by then!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

What a nightmare. Pretty quick thinking, even though you were sick and dosed up with medicine.

Fingers crossed for you!!

The Wife said...

Oh my what an ordeal! That sounds like my luck you have. Hope it goes well with the boarding job.

Get well soon!

Mikey said...

Hope you feel better soon!! That sucks to be sick. And I hope you get that job!!