Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today I am Thankful for...

No this is not going to be one of the maudlin blogs about how I am sooo very thankful for everything.

And though it began as a rant on the movie makers asking the question, "What are you thankful for?" it is not going to be a rave either.

Instead it is with gratitude that I want to thank all of you.

Thank you ~ Mikey, for your continued reminder that good will triumph over evil and foolishness. You save dogs and horses and snakes and all manner of things that no one else would touch with, literally, a ten foot pole. You live as He would have us all live. I imagine you rescue souls as well, even though you may not post about it, or even realize it. Your deeds touch us very deeply.

Thank you~ Trainwreck, for your unabashed enthusiasms through the year. Your generous gifts have meant the world to so many people in all sorts of places. Your generous spirit takes our breath away daily.

Thank you~ Pony Girl, who has the unique and childlike gift of seeing the most mundane things in a fantastic way through the lens of her camera. Ethereal images reminding us how special the equine is in our lives.

Thank you~ Lil Mama, for your cynical and hilarious view of life as you know it. A wonderful reminder that there is something funny in even the most mundane and wretched occurances. You make laughter a daily thing.

Thank you~ The Wife,who makes dogs and calves, bulls and their naturally occuring detritus seem like a walk in the park. Honest and savvy, brave and beautiful, reminding us that life is for reaching out and grabbing your greatest dreams.

Thank you~ The W.O.W Factor, complete reality checks daily-thank you very much. If you want the truth and nothin' but...a godsend in a world that spins everything. Your feet solidly in the dirt helps keep us there too.

Thank You~ Brown -Eyed Cowgirl, Horses are best when taken slowly , but your daily doses of horse wisdom and humor are likely to make us want to gallop full tilt into the void- and live to tell about it!

Thank you Laughing Orca Ranch~ Your spirit and fortitude is inspiring to say the very least. Your daily updates on your animals, your daily struggles remind me that I am not alone, we all struggle and sometimes we suceed.

I could not name each and every blogger I follow- there are so many and they all touch a little bit of my life every day. People that I have never met, and yet know of (some) of their triumphs and sorrows, their rewards and their failures.If I was to have a giant party I would invite all of you to attend, gifting you with showers of flowers and love.
And to those of you who lurk- and you DO know who you are- I love you all as well. You have taken a minute to read of my day, my life, loves, hates...your presence is known and loved by me.

And FYI- I am extremely thankful for my husband, my healthy children, my wonderful friends, the fantastic country we live in and the freedoms that many have fought for through all the years so that tomorrow my family can eat a huge turkey, and pies and gravies and wine and well... everything.

Tomorrow I wish you all full bellies and happy hearts.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Happy Thanksgiving! A nice tribute to our blogger friends.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Happy Thanksgiving VG! It has been a pleasure to get to know you.

The Wife said...

Awww, you're the best! Thank you for putting up with me! Hope you have a great Turkey Day with your wonderful family!