Saturday, November 14, 2009

This is for my Friend Denise...

This is for my friend Denise- who misses me sooo much that she gets miffed when I don't post.

I guess I don't think I have that much going on- but in actuality , I do!

I am ranch manager for a place nearby- and I do a lot of gardening there, as well as taking care of the horses. Last Monday I was busy supervising the floating of seven horses. Which meant that I had to climb the hill at least fourteen times to fetch and return those horses to their pens.
My vet is an amazing guy- Dr Casselberry- he is truely one of the best equine dentists in this whole area- and that includes the teaching hospital of Davis.
Then I noticed that all the pasture horses ( there are seven of those also) were lousy with ticks! EWW!
These horses are old, ( did I mention this is a retirement facility and the youngest horse is Glacier and she is 19?) and some don't want to be handled. I had to dust them all over the course of a few days. I don't know how well it is working, they are still infested as of today. So this afternoon I spent a few hours researching better techniques to rid them of these harmful pests. I am open for suggestions!
I didn't ride today, but the other afternoon I took Jr on his first trail pattern! Desi was so good, and Jr was distracted by a tractor he could hear plowing up a nearby field. But it made ME happy!
Todays activities were mainly working in my very own garden- with the help of a very busy puppy.
Lola had a blast, helping me dig up the bulbs I had just planted and trying to carry off my shears any time I put them down. She romped in the sprinkler and chased the squirrels- all and all a very busy day for her!

Just look at that face!
And I just like this picture, so I threw it in for good measure!


Mikey said...

Lola is tooo cute! How can you resist that face? No matter what she does..
and I love that last pic. Adorable!

Lil Mama said...

Aawh so cute.

Denisarita said...

I knew you loved me!!!! Lola is just too cute. Desi looks great. Nice place to live and good food.