Friday, November 6, 2009

Philosophical Phriday

Ah Geez!- not another one of those huggy -feely type posts!


Today was a different kind of day~ it was cloudy this morning and the sunrise was spectacular. (Yes, I was up, but not because of Lola). 

Then we got what a friend calls Oregon mist- a rain so fine it was like dew on your skin, a prelude to a mind boggling  I- can- see- forever- and- then some kind of  an afternoon. Hills of dark green layered like petticoats clear to the horizon,with a pink sunset peeking from the edges. The hummingbirds in the garden thrummed overhead, scolding me as I swept paths, raked leaves and stopped often to glory at the scenes around me. 

Fall is a beautiful dying for most, but for California it seems more like a rebirth. After a hot summer that shriveled and burned the grasses, even a small bit of rain encourages it to grow quickly. Millions of birds fly in from parts unknown. Our famous San Francisco fogs lay off shore leaving the beaches swept clean and tourist free. Apples ripen,their strong pungent smell making me dream of apple pies and jellies. In my town the locals come out of their air conditioned houses to breathe the rarefied air,strolling the trails along the Strait with their camera's at the ready. 

 It often seems that Fall is just Halloween and then a mad counting of days until Thanksgiving and then Christmas. The SuperBox's (you know who they are) start touting Christmas and snow and icicles and fireside cuddling long before the days have even cooled to the mid 60's. 
How many times have I myself been swept into this vortex of Holiday Madness? Too many I am afraid.
But I am dragging my feet now. I am enjoying the colorful days and the sparkling nights of crisp clear air. I refuse to be pulled into Christmas any earlier than December 1. 
This Fall I am going to linger...

I hope you will too!

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Lil Mama said...

How lovely mother. But Was it Dazzling?