Wednesday, September 9, 2009

35 years ago....

No, it's not an updated Gettysburg address... the thing that happened 35 years ago is my high school graduation. 
And now, 35 years later, it is time for the 35th reunion! 

I was not a popular kid.
I was not a 'head' (Pot smoker)
I was not an athlete ( in the school vernacular anyway)
I was not a 'Brain'.
I wasn't a townie or a 'richie' ( those that lived out in the very expensive countryside)

I was the kid that everyone liked, but no one knew. 
I was the girl that rode her horse everywhere, except to school cuz they said I couldn't tie it to the tennis court fences.
I was the girl that didn't try to make you her friend by letting you ride her horse- under any circumstance!

My town is and was small. There were only a few Elementary Schools, one Jr High and one High School. Most of my class grew up sitting next to each other. I always sat between Cindy Beatty and Billy Bockhold- 12 years worth. 
But I really didn't like very many of my schoolmates and they pretty much felt the same way about me. 
But my very best friend Janet wanted to go to the Reunion. 
She needed a support friend-me.
She paid for my ticket!

So now, a week from Saturday... I have to go. 
And I have to try and remember things about people I haven't seen in 35 friggin years!
And though I look pretty much the same- THEY have all changed! 

I've already told myself that I am not going to go buy a new outfit, have my hair done, my teeth whitened, thirty pounds carved away, or any other such nonsense. I wasn't a fashionista then, and as you all know, if I can't buy it at the tack,feed or nursery I don't wear or need it. 

I will buy a new pair of black jeans. 
And maybe a new blouse. 

But I'm wearin' my good boots! 
But one thing I need to know from all of you-

                                                                            How have your reunions gone?


Reddunappy said...

Ahhh Class Reunions. Next year will be our 25th, we have gone to all of them 5, 10 and 20. Fun for a short time, nice to see some people, it depends on if you are a people person or not. But I like your style! LOL go get um girl!

Mrs Mom said...

Well, I'l confess- neither Dear Husband or I attend our reunions. (Shoot- my class does not even know where to find me.)

We didn't like folks much in school, keep to ourselves quite a bit now, soooo.... neither of us see the point in going to hang with folks we didn't like much in the first place...

Yeah yeah- Golden Hermit Status and all

Lil Mama said...

Don't be such a Debbie Downer! You are going to look great and have a good time. Your going with Janet for goodnes sakes.

P.S. like 5 people showed up to my 10 year. I was not one of them.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Ahhh reunions!

I went to my 10 year. I didn't think people had changed that much. So didn't feel like I had missed out on much by not keeping in touch with any of them in those 10 years.

I was home for my 20 year reunion. Didn't go! I heard only 4 people showed up. Guess I didn't miss out on much there either.;)

My mom on the other hand has always enjoyed her class reunions. I think it is her 50th next year and she is already talking about it.

Stephanie said...

Yeah I skipped mine.

My high school years weren't real fun, well... other than horse showing. I pretty much have a strong distaste for almost everyone I went to school with and have no desire at all to see them again. I was glad when I graduated because I wouldn't have to see again....hopefully ever. Why ruin that with a reunion? I ask.

Of course maybe you experience was different, so either way I wish you luck and happy travels. Now you will have to tell us all about it sometime.

The Wife said...

Like you, I didn't feel as though I really fit in in high school. But I went to my 10 year reunion. It went well. People that didn't speak to me then still didn't speak to me now. But now I'm much more of a smartass and make them speak. It was really pretty fun! ;o)