Thursday, June 25, 2009

We are at it again

I know- I know- We just moved into our new stable, but Lil Mama and I have a great opportunity to move into a friends barn and we are going to take it. 

NO, it's no Deniserita's place ( I WISH!) the commute would KILL me! (2.5 hours), but my friend Linda!

 She also shows with us and is a great friend. I care for her ranch when she is away for any length of time. Her stalls are big and airy and have paddocks attached. She has an all weather sand arena, a wash rack and she keeps her trail course up all year. AND its cheaper! The place where we are now, is great- don't get me wrong- I really like it there- but the stalls have no runs, and they are HOT! I mean like a convection oven type hot. My poor guy stands in his stall and just sweats- and the weather hasn't hardly even topped 80 yet! Can you imagine how hot he'll be when it's 105 outside( as it sometimes gets)? That is actually the biggest motivator to move the boys- those hot hot stalls. 
Sooooooooo... on the first of August we'll be changing digs again. 
Thanks Linda!

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sounds like a good deal. That has to be miserable for them to have to stand in that heat. Plus the bonus they will be at a friend's place.