Monday, May 25, 2009

All out rebellion

Yesterday we went to war- and I mean that literally. Des just was a jerk and consequently I had to go to war with him. And you know that when ever you do that - you have to stick it out until you win. I haven't had to go to war in a looong time, but yesterday I had just had it! 
 After the lunging warmup ( we do every time we ride,) I thought he was going to be calm and focused. Nothing was further from his mind. I wasn't in the saddle two minutes when he started head shaking, and elevating, looking everywhere and not focusing on me AT ALL.

 So we did small circles, usually that brings him around. But no. That didn't phase him, so we did some counter bending circles, that is the second tool I use. He just started to rear and buck! He got spanked and then he got his little head tied around to his left cinch and lunged more. After about fifteen minutes of that, he dropped his head and looked softer. Back up I go, offering him the chance to go soft and quiet. 

Nope! Psyche! So more circles, more counter bends, some half halts, some circle drills, all to little avail. Finally after two hours- yes that is right- I rode him for two full hours- he finally got soft, stayed between the reins and focused on just me! Man o man- sometimes I just hate that horse!
Today I went back early with Lil Mama. Tacked up, lunged, he was sure carrying the mail, rolled him back off his hocks a few times, and climbed on board. Just asking for a focused and quiet ride. That is all. Stay between the reins- keep your shoulders up!  
Hurrah! He was quiet, focused and compliant! Whew! I don't want to think what kind of shape my poor ol' legs would be in if he hadn't wanted to be good today! 

 Lil Mama reminded me- "Horses are cool. When I grow up I want to own twenty!" 


On The said...

What a neat blog! I found you through "Gizzards and Calf Fries". I will have to remember your page!

On The Rodeo Road

Breathe said...

wow. My alpha mare routine was way lame compared to yours. I am inspired. :)

I'm feeling so much better now that I know I'm not the only person with a testy horse. LOL

Lil Mama said...

It's a good thing he's cute. Next time threatin for me to get on. That'll change his tune.

Stephanie said...

Hmmmm he can be kinda rotten when he wants to be huh?

Good thing you were tough enough for the challenge or that behavior might have become a habit. And I am so glad to her about someone really holding their horse responsible for its actions!

There was no "well he was abused, he was scared, he was this or that..." he was being a butthead and you held him responsible for it and corrected it in a logical and effective manner that was not abusive at all - WAY TO GO!

Molly said...

Nice work. Getting through the turbulence can be very hard and always worthwhile. Good for you.

He's so pretty though.