Friday, April 3, 2009

When a win is not a win.

I went to the first horseshow of 2009 today! I packed my truck, and my lil pony and drove to Woodland to compete in an AQHA show. This is the first show of the year, the first show where I went all alone, ( Lil Mama and the LC came up just before showtime-thank gawd!) the first show that I put a bridle on Desi and showed ' one handed', the first show at this location, the first show I've been in that was a freakin' wind storm. Whoo! That's a whole lot of first for this ol cowgirl!

Now you've heard me preach that you need to set small goals in your horse life as well as big ones. That is because the small goals are usually acheivable and help you feel better because you can see that you are actually going forward! My usual 'daily' goal is not to get thrown off! Whoo Wee! That goal was achieved today! My second goal is to have a good time- Whoopee! Another goal achieved! Todays third goal was to get my pony out of his usual comfort level by taking him to a new place. Ding ding ding- winner winner Chicken Dinner!My forth goal was to place, somewhere- anywhere....

WHA--wha-wahaaaa..... no such luck. (Three out of four aint bad!)

The second obstacle was a bridge- the kind that is made of two by fours and is about four feet x four feet- yeah... that tiny little scrap of wood...
Desi put one hoof on that and said " Eh, Mom- NO!" and flew backwards through the first obstacle which were walk over poles. DQ!!
It was comical ( to everyone except me) when he did finally place his front feet on the bridge and conga his back end around the sides, until I finally MADE him step on the whole thing! We made it! (a day late and a hoof short!) Next was trot over poles, (check-good,) weave the cones, (check good), trot over a pole into a chute, back through an opening in the line of poles on the ground,( Erk !! I think we touched that pole- eh maybe a few times!) Four more wide trot overs, then a nice sweeping turn ( check -good) three more trot overs, and into a very confusing box with two right angle turns. ( I think I made it through the first box ok- the second touch was the nut behind the wheel (me)! Trot to the gate, left hand push,( check- Good!) and finish! Whew!! All that preperation, all those hours at the barn practicing, all the fuss, and the clipping and the grooming ... all for four less than steller minutes in front of the Judge.
And you know what? '
It was totally worth it!
Guess what I'll be doing this weekend?

No!Not that!

I'll be building a bridge -- Sillies!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! You! You made it through..and with so many obstacles to overcome, you still did it!

And now you know what you want to do so next time you'll be getting 4out of 4!

I'm so happy for you!


Lil Mama said...

You did great. It really wasn't that bad

Train Wreck said...

Yes you made it!! You should be proud of your self! He he I KNOW what you will be doing, you can't fool me. So tell me about this Barn thingy? I was just over at LM. She said you could use some "help" email me, I will send you some prints? If you wanna auction them off? Let me know?? Missed you, trying to get back, in the swing of things.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

A bad day at a horse show is better than a day NOT doing anything horse related.;)

But it didn't sound like it was all that bad. Too bad about the bridge. Ha, last year at our local show, I got docked because my horse did not show sufficient interest in the bridge. Huh??

gtyyup said...

Good job by all're braver than me. I don't think I could ever do an AQHA show. Yep, build that bridge!