Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stink on Ice

Lil Mamma and I were talking today about horses. Of course that is almost always what we talk about, but we have some new borders at our barn and to put it as nicely as possible, they stink on ice. 
Urp!! Wa-ht? 
Well, I guess that isn't so nice after all, but first before you judge me, let me explain further. The new borders- and there are three- know very little about owning horses. One family is learning quickly. They ask questions, read books, watch video and are improving in leaps and bounds. The other two- not so much. One family- Family A - bought a horse that was totally unsuitable for them. He's a rope horse and he's only five. Family A only wants to ride on the trail, and they wanted him for their two girl teenagers- that do not know ANYTHING about a horse. Mom used to ride some, and she thinks she knows everything. Just watching her ride that poor horse is painful for me- the horse will soon be frustrated and ruined. AND of course I can't say anything, they wouldn't listen. They have asked questions, and have been given good answers and still they will not listen. I've offered lessons for all. No takers. And don't think it is just bitter lemons on my part- oh no! If they were learning from anybody it would be a blessing for that horse, and my pain would lessen. 
Lil Momma says it is just because we care too much. 
I have to agree. We do care. We care about the mental welfare of a horse that doesn't belong to us and its future use for anyone else. We care because the future of our Horseworld depends on new riders being able to enjoy their horses so they will stay in the sport, infusing it with money. We care because we are horsemen.  
The other family is Family B. Her mother had a horse... once. She makes excuses about everything- the horse doesn't like to be led, poked, her feet picked up..etc...etc....She can't even steer the horse in a circle. Family B will never succeed because her excuses overshadow any advise or knowledge given to her. 
I guess the bottom line is that it's not fair to their horses. 
And it's frustrating because I want everyone to succeed. And I know that until those two families change their attitudes, they won't succeed, they will continue to be frustrated and ultimately the horses will be sold, probably to someone worse. And instead of taking the blame on themselves for the way their horses turned out -they will blame the poor horses. 
And that stinks on ice.


Mrs Mom said...

The lack of personal responsibility and accountability drives me batty. Some folks are just not meant to be around horses, and it sounds like Families A and B are going to learn that the hard way.

Hardest thing for Dear Husband and I to deal with in our practice:
We Can Not Save Them All.

We hear about more horses for free, more horses that need a home, than we could ever feed. We see some truly heart breaking things.

But we do what we can to help those we can. One horse at a time...

I hope that your examples (Leadership by example, there,) can be seen by them, and learned from.

Chin up ladies-- at least you know the horses are getting excellent care and fed and clean. ;)

the7msn said...

That stinks so much I can smell it way over here. I have had similiar experiences and have never found a way to resolve the problems. People....ugh! Guess that's why I prefer the company of animals.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating!
That would just break my heart!
I have been on only a few horses, but I would say that I know NOTHING about them, because I really only know what Trapper Dude has told me and that the last horse I was on was a really nice one who took kindly tome wanting a ride... and that being so long ago...I wouldn't claim to know a thing other than I like 'em and I'm willing to learn...but then that takes some humility (I DO know THAT!) and some folks just know it all....
Keep being a good example (and biting your tonuge all at the saem time!) never know who might be "watching" :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

And these examples are what I feel is wrong with our entire society at the moment. Either no one thinks anyone can tell them anything that they don't already know or they make excuses for everything...either way it is NOT right. This personal entitlement that we have fostered in society has affected everything. People think they have the RIGHT to make millions when they know that in the end they are going to damage large numbers of people. People think they had the RIGHT to buy a house or refinance it to the hilt, knowing that if any little thing happened they could lose everything. Everyone wants their RIGHTS, but no one wants anyone to EXPECT anything from them in return.

Yes, people have the RIGHT to buy a horse but they had better start realizing that now, other horse people EXPECT them to learn something as they go along.

While I often disagree with FUGLY's personal take on some things, I do believe in the underlying principle that it is time for things to change and dramatically in the general sense that people need to start thinking long term when it comes to owning and/or breeding horses, the expenses, both real and potential, of owning horses and the realization that constant learning and changing is mandatory.

As far as these types of people getting discouraged and selling their horses...good. These types of people helped to create the problems we are seeing in the horse industry and rather than try to learn something, they ruin a good horse, dump them and walk away. While those of us that truly care about the industry, the heritage and the horses are left to pick up the pieces.

The Wife said...

That's terrible. At least when I'm a dummy about something, I ask for help!

Best, Punchy! said...

Wow, sweetie, that does stink! God Bless you for caring so much! I agree with Mrs. Mom, at least they are in YOUR care!


Come see me, I have a little something for you!

gtyyup said...

And it's those same two types of people everywhere...I hate to think of how many good horses have been ruined by stupid, ignorant, selfish, know-it-all people...

My personal view on raising children and owning animals is the same...there should be a test. If you don't pass the test, you don't get any...children or animals. Because those people's mind set never changes...sad, but true...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sorry about the stinkers. We're all new at one time...and even the 'oldies' can still learn new things. We can never stop learning and we should always remian open to it.
That's shame that those families don't seem interested in taking in any new knowledge. bah!

BTW, I saw you comment over at Steph's blog about your weak back and bum leg and how you still ride and your horses have to compensate for your weak side.
I was ust wondering if you could explain further?

I'm 5 weeks out from my knee reconstruction surgery. Still can't walk and won't be able to ride my horse again until most of the summer is over.
But I just wonder how I'm going to do that when the time is right. My left leg will be weaker and I'll even have trouble mounting from a mounting blog as I won't be able to put all my weight on my bum knee.
I'm just trying to fihure it all out. I know there are riders who ride without any legs or powere in their legs at all. I've been trying to find them on the web to find out more about how they do it...for inspiration...but am just not having any luck.
Maybe you can help?

I've seen you around blogland, but this is my first visit here. I'll plan to come back again soon :)