Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok- though it has been a mild summer- now that August is nearly over- the heat has reappeared. Yesterday it was nearly 100 and likely to be so again today! It's 8 Am- and I am off to ride- and it's already 80 degrees. At least it's a 'dry heat'. At least it's not humid. Kack! Hot is hot! At least I can bathe my pony when I'm done riding.
I don't hate the heat- eau contraire- I like it. At least I like it better than the cold and the wet. I hate riding in the cold sleeety rain we get around here. And I know it's coming. It makes me wonder if the winter is going to be mild ( like last year) or wet ( like the year before) . In any case- I'll don my uniform (jeans and tank for summer, jeans and turtleneck for winter.) and head to the place I like best- the Barn.


Mikey said...

Love your blog! It IS hot isn't it? Ugh. Sounds like your horse shows are going awesome, and Karen is doing excellent. I'd like to hear how that turns out!
I'm off to scoop poop. According to the weather on my blog, it's only 89 here today! It only FEELS like 110, lol
I'll be back!

Cheryl said...

HA! We were 109 yesterday WITH HUMIDITY! My hair sagged down my back, my clothes were was awful! We've had this monsoon weather for about a 4 days now, but it is finally beginning to dry out (i.e. the "dry heat")! Come check out my blog. We live in the desert, but keep our horses up in our local mountains.

Vaquerogirl said...

You beat us by a degree!But we are in the SF Bay area and we aren't suppose to get this hot! Today is going to be hotter than the hinges of blue bloody hell too! but the fog is coming and that means cooler temps! Thank GOd. It's 6:30 AM and I'm off to ride so I won't get het stroke.
PS I love Arizona!