Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gettin' California on y'all

Recently someone told me they thought I had lots of good people around me. They are right! I do!
But it has been a process of growing and re-evaluation and self evaluation and introspection. It has taken all of a lifetime to finally be in the place I am today. 
I enjoy a good drama- from time to time. I write drama and I watch it on TV. But after Living in Drama for a large portion of my life I finally just said "STOP!" I dropped the people in my life that wanted to draw blood, live my life, suck me dry. It wasn't easy- oh no! Those same people- the ones living in the ' I can't help it' groove- kept trying to weasel their way back in to my life. 
Recently I had one try to weasel back in again.  An old high school flame- albeit one that I was crazy about - when I was sixteen and didn't know JACK! 
He called to say 'hello', he wanted to know how I was, if I remembered him ( how could I forget the guy that broke up with me in code, in my High School yearbook pages!)If we could meet for coffee...yadayadayada! 
Hmm... let me think a minute-no! Nice to hear from you-goodbye. 
Was I sorry? Nah. 
I believe that (here's where I go all California on yer asses) bad Karma begets bad Karma, and good Karma draws good Karma to you. If you are bright enough or lucky enough or aware enough to stop repeating the cycle of bad, weird, hurtful, angry things, you can get up out of that same rut and begin to shine. 
I don't have time for people that lie. 
Or people with the faces of angels that have the hearts of devils. 
I try to live each moment of my life like it might be the last.
 I stop to thank people for the everyday things they do, for me or for others.
 I try like hell to say something positive to everyone I meet.  
I stop to smell the roses.
 I lend a hand.
 I listen. 
And it comes back to me ten-fold!

 I do have a group of wonderful, giving, happy people surrounding me daily. 
Don't you?


Anonymous said...

Good for You!! You are so right about what goes around comes around! People who suck the life outta ya ...NOT GOOD!
ALWAYS try to make someone smile or say something NEVER know WHO you might be talkin' to!!

Lil Mama said...

Well I guess you are a little bit of a hippy at heart. I love ya anyway.

The Wife said...

Sounds like great wisdom. I always smile at strangers, sometimes I get a funny look back but I don't care. Sometimes they have a shocked look cause people don't just smile anymore. But it makes me feel good to know that at least they've had one person smile at them today!

Cheryl said...

I truly believe in karma, too. And, the people I have around me NOW are all good people. It wasn't always that way and for years I had a good friend who was BAD NEWS!!! Also, some of my own family members were very negative.

Vodka Mom said...

yes,it is so true! I wish I would have realized EARLIER in life, that you need to surround yourself with good people.

Mikey said...

Amen to that. I think the exact same thing. So many people in this world (and especially on the Net) spew such hatred and anger. I don't have time for that. I'd rather live in a happy world and work on my smile lines instead of frown lines.
Karma is real. I'm a believer

Train Wreck said...

Well of couse I am, I have you in my Circle! I am in total agreement with the Karma, absolutley! Good for you. His loss, most definatley. THanks for stoping in while I was away. I loved to read everyones comments. I was going through blogging withdrawls!

Terri Farley said...

I'm so happy I found your blog! As a transplanted (to Northern Nevada) Cal. cowgirl, myself, it's fun to "meet" you!
I used to call those kinds of people emotional vampires :)
Readin & Riding rock,

Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

Well said, Vacquero Girl and I count you and Terri Farley in that group I've been lucky enough to find. Sometimes there just is no other word for karma, although there are a number of words for no-good-jerk.

Terri Farley said...

Stephanie? Is that you?
I was just talking about you to Suzy the other day!!! I thought your ranch was out in the middle of Nevada, for some reason.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Negative people would explain why I stayed away from home for so long. Thought I was mature and old enough to handle it...mmmm...maybe not? In the real world, I avoid them at all costs.

Glacier is a lucky girl. I love her coloring. I can't wait to see her in the spring, all fat and sassy and slicked out. I bet she is a looker!!