Friday, November 14, 2008

TRAINWRECK! (not the Woman- the feeling)

Man, this has been one heck of a week for me. As you all know I don't have a regular job any longer. I have been freelancing for the last three months, and it's been working out pretty well. I agreed to work as a stall cleaner this week, thinking " No brainer! Easy money!" Phfffttt!
What I was recalling was the time I ran a full care boarding facility . I kept approx 15 horses, cleaned nine stalls, and 4 paddocks. Broke and trained and rode three or four horses, gave lessons and raised my two little girls. (HINT: The operative word in the last paragraph is LITTLE). My girls are BIG now- that golden time in my life was about Ten years ago. And Now I am TEN years OLDER! I hate to admit it, but hunnys'- I am finally feeling my age!
Oh Yeah- you heard it- I said it- AGE.
I got through the week- cleaning eight stalls,and doing various other physical things... and tonight I am sooooooooo glad it's friday! I feel like a trainwreck! ( Not that I feel like you TW- but I feel like a train has wrecked me!)
Man oh man what a differance a few measly years (and a few measly pounds) can make in a girl! Whew!
I should be glad that I was working so hard ( I am) so I don't have to sign up for the GYM ( I'm not), but all I can think about tonight is a large full glass of Vodka and OJ. Hear it? It's calling my name...
"YooHoo! Fat Girl! Ease on over here..."
I'm gone!


Mikey said...

Lol, I am SO hearing you on this one. Same here!! The body is telling me things I don't want to hear. What happened to the days when I could ride anything with hair and stick? The days I could shoe 7 horses, clean pens, feed, ride AND raise a child. Somehow, it takes it's toll on a person..
Drinking helps :) Kahlua milkshakes here. Considering Bailey's in my morning coffee, with Christmas coming and all. It's not too early to start drinking, lol!

As I write this, Garth is singing "I'm much too young to feel this damn old"


Anonymous said...

Funny thing about it, is that ya don't feel like you are ____ years old but after the barn cleaning is neighbor is 83 and he walks better than me on most days!!But it definetly beats goin' to the gym!
hmm...I think I hear my goats' barn wanting a cleaning...ewww!! Any help you'd want to lend would be welcome ;) ;)

Enjoy your weekend! Ya earned it!

The Wife said...

I think you earned your big tall glass of V and OJ! Hope you have a more relaxing weekend.

Lil Mama said...

Hey mom your doing great! buy the way it was at least 15 years ago Or more that you ran the barn. (I was younger then 15 and now I am 30!) Love ya.

Meg said...

Honey...I am coming right over and we can suffer must be in the air...let's just drink to being older and much, much least we realize it, even when our animals don't!

Love ya! (LMBO...the word verification is "sufere"...could it be a coincidence?)

Vaquerogirl said...

Thanks for all your support! You know that first thing to go is memory- how many years ago was that again!? I'm glad it was more than ten! So I had a few more years to break down and get out of shape... hmmm...

Train Wreck said...

Oh Girl How do you think I got my name! heheehe! I am on a fast movin train to Cowboy Christmas! I needing a little extra "fuel", can I come over too? Take it easy Monday will be before you know it!

Melanie said...

LOL!!! I thought that I would stop over and say "hi" as I always enjoy reading your comments on other people's blogs.

As a lifetime Arab rider, I have a quick question for you...why did you switch from Arab's to QH's? I am just curious, because as I get older, I sometimes tink about moving on to calmer breeds, or at least to 1/2 Arab's.

Funny how our priorities change when we get older, huh? I am also not crazy about putting my kids on them for trail riding, even though I grew up riding a purebreds on trails. I don't know...I think that I want something that has a tempermant level of a "1" out of "10" for my!!

Anywhoo...just curious! You seem like a very knowledgable woman, so I hope that you don't mind me asking. :)