Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Y'all can be a SPQ!

Sweet Potato Queen darlin'! And I am one! So is Lil Mama. I think Meg might aspire to be one, and Trainwreck too! What, you are asking yourself, is SPQ and WHY in the name of all that's Western would I want to be one?

Well, because it's fun!
The Queen of all Queens, the O-riginal Sweet Potato Queen is Jill Conner Browne. Now you will have to pick up a book and read it to know the secret of the SPQ, why the name, and what is with the hair and clothes- but it is worth it! Jill, bless her little heart, has a whole line of good readin' starting with God Save The Sweet Potato Queens. Reading these books is just a hoot! I mean that literally, if you aren't laughing within a few minutes of picking these up and cracking the spine, well Hunny- you must be seriously depressed.
Jill talks about things us'n all know, food (Pig Candy- to die for!) ,men (all kinds ,from a crud spud to a stud spud), women friends, babies( tater tots), and drinking( Kick Ass Marquerita mix is a recipe in the book). ( Now some of you don't drink, and that is ok- you don't have to drink to be a SPQ!) Not a mention of any thing Horsey- but sometimes I do like to stray!
So during one of these rainy spells, when you need a serious pick-me-up, dive into this or any of her books! Then drop me a line and we'll dish!
God Bless the Sweet Potato Queens!


Lil Mama said...

I think it's big mama's knock you naked margarita mix.

The Wife said...

Sounds great to me. I love sweet taters and I consider myself royalty. I'll have to pick up the book.

Vaquerogirl said...

Lil Mama, you are correct! I should have checked my copy before I posted!
In any case you can get the recipe in the book, or buy the mix online in the SPQ store!

Meg said...

I am so in...hey...did I forget to write back to you? I am going to go check RIGHT NOW!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Knock you naked margarita mix? LOL-I'll have to tell My Honey to order me some of that for X-Mas-LMAO!

Love the pic of the Military man and his pony.

{i}Post said...

I will have to check that one out for sure! I have been stuck on the Twilight series and could handle some funny stuff right about now!

Oh, and J.C. used to be driven, and my kids ride bareback on him, but no serious riding or driving due to a foot issue! Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the military man and his pony!

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Train Wreck said...

HAHHAAHAHA! THat is great! Am I running so behind or what! I feel like I am in a chuckwagon,running with 1/2 a horse! I can't keep up with all my friends bc I am getting ready for vegas!! I love SPQ! I will have to look for it! tHanks for thinking of me! mmmmwwwwaaaah!(That's supposed to be a kiss, not an evil laugh!)