Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cow girl day

Everyone wants ot be a Cowgirl for a day- even Pleasure Horse riders. So we went to visit D in the heart of California. Her ranch is great, the arena is spectacular to ride in, and when you're done riding she has a pool and spa too! Whew! It was a rough weekend for sure. Mischca,a Leagers Sandman bred gelding, had never seen a calf before, but he liked it like a fat kid likes cake. He wanted MORE! Linda had to really hold him back so he wouldn't run the darn things down. She had never rated a calf before, but she did a great job, and even managed to circle one up! Good Job Linda!
Desi is a Cow bred gelding out of a son of Peppy San Badger. He followed the calf, stopped and started when it did, but he never really locked on. We did it two days in row and he was as good as gold, following and all, but I guess I made the right decision to pull him out of reining and cowhorse training and start him in Trail classes. Those he likes! Any way it was fun to do something different this weekend, it keeps ole' Desi on his toes- letting him know that just because we get into the trailer we won't necessarily get out at a horse show.
Thanks to Dolittle Acres Ranch and the Big D!

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Train Wreck said...

How fun! I love to watch cutting and reining horses! Talk about automatic!! Peppy San Badger huh!? Nice ! Great action shots there! Hope you are having a great week!